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Our Favorite Wheel Bearings in 2022 - Top Reviews by Autoblog Commerce - Autoblog

Need new wheel bearings? We’ve got you covered. Check out our list of the top wheel bearings in 2022 and learn more in our handy buying guide. Have you noticed a strange grating or humming noise coming from your car's wheels? Drive straight and the sound is there, turn slightly and it stops. Chances are that you have a worn-out wheel bearing. These tiny components support the entire weight of your car while you're driving, so it's crucial to replace them as quickly as possible to prevent further complications.

When you start searching for wheel bearings, you’ll see that there are many options available. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the highest-rated wheel bearings currently on the market in 2022. Check out our picks and keep reading to learn more about wheel bearings in our buying guide below.

Timken Front Wheel Bearing: Recommended

In the top spot of our list, we have the Timken front wheel bearing and hub assembly. This wheel bearing is constructed from a high-quality steel alloy that offers increased durability and strength, which means it can withstand significant mileage without experiencing any problems. This wheel bearing also sports a heavy-duty seal and shield configuration that protects the inner bearing from unwanted dust particles and extends the bearing’s longevity. This wheel bearing is a universal fit and it can improve fuel efficiency as well as vehicle handling. It’s also as much as 30 percent stiffer than a conventional wheel bearing hub, meaning that you’ll have a stronger, sturdier bearing to support your vehicle.

Maysaf Front Wheel Bearing Assembly: High quality

Mayasaf is a trusted manufacturer in the automotive industry, and this front wheel bearing can make a great addition to your car. It can provide top performance without causing any sorts of sounds or vibrations, and you can purchase either a single wheel bearing or a pack of two. These wheel bearings are quick and easy to install and they exceed OE standards, making for a top-notch addition to your vehicle. This wheel bearing will fit a wide range of cars, and there’s even a helpful buying guide on the product page to find out if it will be right for your vehicle. There’s a one-year warranty included with your purchase, and if any issues pop up the manufacturer urges you to contact them so that they can help you figure things out.

MOOG Wheel Bearing: Also consider

The MOOG wheel bearing assembly is another great option on our list — with a cutting-edge design and a pretty reasonable price, this wheel bearing is definitely worth giving a go. It’s pretty easy to get this wheel bearing set up and you won’t need any special tools, just follow the user manual and you should be set. This wheel bearing also features socket connectors and ABS molded shields that will not only prolong the wheel bearing’s longevity but will also prevent any sort of contamination as well. It’s corrosion-resistant and can offer you a longer life than competing wheel bearings, and it’s been rigorously tested by the manufacturer’s engineers to ensure that it will offer your vehicle top performance out on the road.

Detroit Axle Wheel Bearing Kit: Versatile

Do you have an all-wheel-drive vehicle? If the answer’s yes, then this Detroit Axle front wheel bearing just might be the perfect option for you. It’s great for many different makes & models, including Cadillacs, Chevys, and GMC vehicles. Another impressive thing about this wheel bearing is that it comes with a 10-year special warranty from the manufacturer that’s valid for manufacturing defects, so if you do happen to experience any problems you can get in touch with their customer support team to get things sorted out. This wheel bearing has undergone extensive laboratory testing to make sure that’s ready for the road and can be trusted to support your vehicle.

AA Ignition Wheel Hub Bearing: Good value

If you're on the hunt for a more affordable option, then take a look at the redesigned, all-new version of the AA Ignition wheel hub bearing. Apart from its price, there isn't anything remotely cheap about this product — it’s made from steel and features an improved wheel hub, OEM-sized studs, a new harness, factory mounting points, and superior craftsmanship overall. This wheel bearing also comes with an ABS speed sensor cable, a critical part of the drivetrain that allows the wheels to rotate evenly without any friction. No extra tools are needed to get this wheel bearing installed, and it’s backed by a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer so that you won’t have to worry if any problems occur.

Are you having a hard time finding a suitable wheel bearing for your vehicle? Don’t worry, because in this section we’ll be looking at some important things to keep in mind when shopping for a wheel bearing. Read on to find out what to keep an eye out for and what to avoid.

Wheel bearings are an essential part of a vehicle's braking, steering and suspension systems. If you want to prevent additional problems from occurring, you’ll have to replace a broken wheel bearing as soon as possible. Here are some of the most obvious signs that a wheel bearing is broken: 

Incorrect tire wear — Excessive tire wear is a big indicator that there could be something wrong with your wheel bearings.

Steering wheel vibration — A damaged bearing can cause severe vibration in your steering wheel.

Abnormal noise — Abnormal noises like squeaking or clicking while turning corners can be a sign that your wheel bearing needs changing. 

This is undoubtedly one of the more important things to keep in mind while shopping around. All wheel bearings and hub assemblies are different, so you’ll have to double and even triple-check that the specific model you're purchasing is compatible with your vehicle.

You’ll usually be able to track down a full "Compatibility List" somewhere in the product description or elsewhere on the product page.

If you still aren't sure if it’ll be a good fit, contact the manufacturer and send them specific information about your vehicle (type, year, make, model) — they’ll usually respond shortly.

There are a few different kinds of wheel bearings on the market — here are the notable ones:

The second thing you should pay attention to is the material of the wheel bearing. 

Search for wheel bearings that are manufactured from strong and corrosion-resistant steel alloy, a material that has a long lifespan and offers great performance.

There are hundreds of brands on the market, and even though it’s great to try out new things, now’s not necessarily the time to do that.

Look for top-tier manufacturers like Mayasaf, MOOG, NTN Wheel Bearing, SKF, Timken Group, PFI, AC Delco, Detroit Axle, AA Ignition, and Timken.

Many of the above-mentioned brands have years of background experience and are known for manufacturing high-quality car parts.

Make sure that you search for a wheel bearing that has at least some form of a guarantee policy —  this allows you to request a free replacement if something happens to your current wheel bearing.

Don't forget to look through the entire guarantee policy posted by the product’s manufacturer so that you know what you’re getting with it — and what you might not be getting.

If you're in the market for a new wheel bearing, expect to pay as little as $30 or up to $150 for some specific models. The price range can greatly vary depending on a few crucial factors, including the material’s reliability and quality as well as the brand manufacturing it. 

Note: The cheapest models might seem like a reasonable option, particularly for cost-savvy purchasers. It’s usually a good idea to stay away from these, though, as they can quickly show serious signs of wear. Go for a mid-priced model instead — these offer great quality and will last for a substantial amount of time without showing any problems.

The majority of wheel bearings feature outstanding durability, but one of the things that they can't really handle is physical impact. To extend the longevity of your wheel bearings and prevent any damage, we strongly advise you to avoid going too quickly over speed bumps or potholes.

Exposure to poor weather conditions can harm your wheel bearings as well, so try not to drive your car on roads that have too much mud, dust, or road salt.

Believe it or not, car modifications like using a hard shock absorber or installing bigger rims can cause significant damage to wheel bearings. 

A final thing that can cause severe damage to wheel bearings is improper installation, so make sure that everything is properly positioned before you start driving your vehicle.

We hope that our buyer's guide has helped you learn a little more about wheel bearings. All of the selections on our list are top-class and will be able to last for an extended period without a problem. You pretty much can't go wrong with these wheel bearings, and your car will thank you for it! 

This can greatly vary depending on the specific wheel bearing you have on your vehicle. Generally, most of the wheel bearings on the market can last for around 100,000 to 135,000 miles without an issue. 

If you have all of the necessary tools (jack, lug wrench & screwdriver) and some background experience, you should easily be able to replace the wheel bearing in under 20 minutes. If you don't have any kind of experience or tools, then you should consider going to the closest mechanic for installation.

If you received a broken wheel bearing, you should immediately contact the manufacturer — make sure that you include visible pictures of the broken wheel bearing as well for proof. Don't try fixing the bearing or placing it on your car, as this can only cause additional damage to your vehicle and possibly even yourself.

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Our Favorite Wheel Bearings in 2022 - Top Reviews by Autoblog Commerce - Autoblog

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