5 Best Backseat Baby Mirrors [2022 Guide]

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An easy-to-adjust baby mirror with a wide view.

A small mirror that’s ready to go right out of the box.

A simple, safe, and effective baby car seat mirror.

This mirror provides real-time video of your little one.

This option offers a unique mirror mount and lower price tag.

Watching a child under the age of three can be stressful, especially when you’re driving and that child is in the backseat. To give you extra peace of mind behind the wheel, our product review team researched the best backseat baby mirrors and made a list of the top five.

In this review, discover the advantages of a backseat baby mirror, learn how to attach one to a headrest, and find out what sets certain backseat baby mirrors apart. Our review team tested each mirror and assessed its design, installation, and value.

We named the Lusso Gear Baby Backseat Mirror as the Best Overall baby mirror because of its low price, easy-to-use features, and overall design. This baby mirror installs easily and provides a wide, crystal-clear view of your child while driving.

We found no issues installing this baby mirror. Setup is straightforward, with two clips buckling around the backseat headrest. The tightening straps could be easier to adjust but are not too troublesome.

Once attached to the headrest, pivoting the mirror on the ball joint is fluid and easy. All of the materials, including the plastic frame are of durable quality.

This mirror provides a nice field of vision and magnification. It gets the job done for a low cost.

With over 4,300 Amazon reviews, the Lusso Gear baby backseat mirror has an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. Most appreciate this mirror because of its large size and easy installation. However, it can be difficult to install if you have contour headrests, and some have difficulty fully securing the mirror so that it doesn’t wobble.

Choose Lusso Gear if you’re in need of a simple backseat baby mirror that is safe, easy-to-install, and is big. The large mirror makes it easy to see what’s happening in your back seat.

The Jolly Jumper brand is a bit of a titan in the baby products industry, so it’s fitting it would have a version of the backseat mirror. The Jolly Jumper Driver’s Baby Mirror requires no assembly and fits most adjustable headrests.

While it’s small, the Jolly Jumper Driver’s Baby Mirror was the most secure mirror for rear-facing baby seats we tested. The mirror’s small size allows it to securely fit the headrest, increasing the baby’s safety since no moving parts are jostled while the vehicle is in motion.

However, the Jolly Jumper’s compact design might be too compact for some people. But even though the Jolly Jumper was the smallest mirror we tested, getting the right angle of view wasn’t difficult. The acrylic finish on the mirror did interfere with the clarity, though.

In spite of the Jolly Jumper’s size, we liked its simplicity and value enough that we gave it 4.5 stars.

The Jolly Jumper Driver’s Baby Mirror has an average score of 4.3 stars after more than 10,700 ratings from Amazon customers. Many shoppers like that the mirror is easy to install and ready out of the box, but not everyone is keen on its size compared to similar products.

The Jolly Jumper can serve as a small, affordable supplement if you just bought your first rear-facing car seat. Or if you’re a parent who loves Jolly Jumper products, it could round out a collection of accessories for your little one.

We like the Shynerk Baby Car Mirror for its simplicity and easy installation. It has a wide field of view and is one of the best-selling items in its category on Amazon.

Our product review team gave the Shynerk Baby Car Mirror high marks for its simple assembly process and ease of installation. While one product we’ll discuss later is similar, the Shynerk outshines it by having a straightforward connector to the ball joint.

Adjusting the mirror to the correct position to reflect our rearview mirror also proved easy due to the immense size of the Shynerk mirror. We also believe it offered a better view of the car backseat than other brands.

The Shynerk lost points for the quality of its construction. Everything is plastic and doesn’t feel fortified. But paying around $20 for an object that doesn’t move much isn’t a bad deal, so we gave the Shynerk 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Besides being a best-seller, the Shynerk has an impressive swath of reviews. The mirror has an average score of 4.8 out of 5 stars from more than 35,000 customer ratings on Amazon. Satisfied customers applaud the Shynerk’s size and easy assembly. Several customers call it a must-have for rear-facing seats.

Critical reviews often report longevity issues, with at least one review saying the mirror broke within a month of purchase. Other less-than-satisfied customers mention difficulty getting the right angle of view.

At such a low price, the Shynerk is a great gift for parents or caretakers who often transport children in car seats. It would also be a good test buy if you’re a parent who doesn’t know if you’ll find a backseat baby mirror beneficial.

If you can’t get the perfect angle with a backseat mirror, why not try a video camera? The Itomoro Baby Car Mirror Camera at least gives you the option. This system comes with a collapsing video display in a matte finish plastic housing. Also in the box are several feet of cabling and a wide-angle-view camera.

In under a minute, you can assemble and connect the wires for the Itomoro. Our review team also liked that the camera easily pivots up or down after it’s buckled into place.

While the video quality is decent, it isn’t a crystal-clear view. We noticed issues with adjusting to areas of bright sunlight and contrast. The Itomoro won’t replace the best backup cameras or dash cams already installed in your car, but it is high-tech for this category.

We also docked this product points for the amount of wiring, which a child could grab onto if the wires aren’t properly integrated with the vehicle’s trim. All factors considered, we gave the Itomoro 4 stars.

The Itomoro Baby Car Mirror Camera has an average rating of 4.5 stars on Amazon after more than 11,300 reviews. Users like the price and report acceptable video performance. Negative reviews often mention the Itomoro’s subpar night vision and tendency to break down after a few months.

If you’re a parent who wants reassurance while transporting your child, the Itomoro camera might quell some of your fears. It does come at nearly twice the price of our top pick, but that’s the cost of high-tech parent protection.

Almost a carbon copy of our best overall pick, the DARVIQS Car Seat Mirror has two big draws for shoppers: size and price. It will be difficult to find a similarly sized backseat baby mirror at a comparable price point.

The biggest difference between the DARVIQS and our choice for the best baby car mirror is the mounting system. The former has a similar double-strap design to attach to the headrest, but the ball joint latches onto the back of the mirror through a sliding mechanism.

On the plus side, the DARVIQS mirror has a similar build to our pick for best backseat baby mirror, which translates to an excellent viewing angle and decent adjustability.

However, our review team docked the DARVIQS a significant number of points because we found it much more difficult to assemble than its well-reviewed counterpart, the Shynerk. The ball joint failed to latch properly several times, and the mirror even came off at one point. Taking those flaws into account, we scored the DARVIQS at 3.5 stars.

After more than 11,500 reviews and earning the “Amazon’s Choice” badge for the product category, the DARVIQS has an average score of 4.6 stars. Some consumers applaud the mirror’s large size and maneuverability, while others critique its quality after reporting some falls from the headrest.

If you only have about $14 to spare, the DARVIQS is your go-to for the best backseat baby mirror. Otherwise, we recommend the Shynerk.

The best backseat baby mirror for you will depend on your needs, but stability and the right field of view should take priority. Below are some factors our product review team believes you should consider.

The best backseat baby mirrors let you see enough to know whether your child is safe or needs your attention. Our research team recommends a mirror that gives you the most comprehensive view of the back seat, ideally with a high-quality reflection from the rearview mirror.

Keeping it clean also ensures you’re getting the clearest reflection possible, so it might be wise to invest in a cleaning cloth as well.

The last thing a parent wants is to risk injuring their child by purchasing a defective product. All the backseat baby mirrors we profile in this review are made of shatter-resistant materials, so potential cuts from glass aren’t a concern.

The best backseat baby mirror can be adjusted to match the driver’s view in the rearview mirror, and that means tweaking the tension on straps and buckles to find the perfect view of your baby. Keeping the perfect position even while being jostled by the vehicle’s movement is another requirement.

The backseat baby mirrors in this article underwent two rounds of reviews. We started by searching Amazon for top products, looking at factors such as Prime shipping eligibility, customer ratings, Amazon superlatives, and price.

For testing purposes, our team ordered the five backseat baby mirrors that were rated highest in the areas we were checking. A team member tested each product on a car, noting each backseat baby mirror’s design, ease of installation, and value. We gave each backseat baby mirror a rating out of 5 stars based on this criteria.

Each year, we test over 350 auto products on vehicles and in our testing lab. Our team of product testers thoroughly researches top products, unboxes and puts our hands on each component, and tests the items on real vehicles before making recommendations to readers.

We publish hundreds of product and service reviews to bring car enthusiasts detailed guides on automotive tools, detailing kits, car seats, pet products, and much more.

Our choice for the best backseat baby mirror is the Lusso Gear Baby Backseat Mirror. We gave it our best overall award and 4.5 out of 5 stars for its size, price, and design.

Most backseat baby mirrors are designed to fit on a passenger seat headrest and reflect the image of a child into the driver’s rearview mirror. For the best view, we recommend using a rear-facing child seat.

All the backseat baby mirrors we tested were built for safety with shatterproof designs or reflective acrylic to prevent harm from glass shards.

You install a backseat baby mirror on the passenger seat’s headrest by adjusting the straps until you reach the desired viewing angle. You then secure the mirror in place.

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